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Concordia Seward

Hear a presentation given at Concordia University in Seward NE

Genesis 1:20

Hear our Sunday night Bible study on Genesis 1:20

Inspiration of Scripture

Hear evidence of the inspiration of Scripture from our Sunday night Bible study.

Galatians 4/Already Gone

See how creation/evolution is affecting your kids as we do a Bible study on Galatians 4

Wesleyan College

Hear a presentation given at Wesleyan College. This is not a debate, just an evening event.

Testimony: Brent T.

Hear how God sometimes takes everything away from you in order to get your attention. We serve a patient and loving God.

Mike Haley

Josh McDowell part 5: Resurrection

By: Josh McDowell

Josh McDowell part 1:Apostles Philosophy

By: Josh McDowell

Robert Welch - Vietnam

Challenge to Serve

Tongues Bible Study

India Report

Genesis 22

Mustard Seed