Passover Seder
Mar 30 2018
Where: Hastings NE

This Seder Meal is open to the public. It will be held at Lifehouse Church in Hastings NE. Must call to make a reservation so we know how many to feed. There will be a great meal and a time of worship and praise. If you have never heard how Christ Jesus fits into the Passover this is a must see. You will be educated, encouraged and have some great fellowship as you participate in this event. Great for the whole family. Call 402 519- 0301 to register.

MPE Homeschool Conference
Apr 5 2018
Where: Kansas City, MO

Call 402 519 0301 for information or google MPE to register.

Rockport MO
Apr 8 2018
Where: Rockport, MO

I will be speaking for the Sunday morning service. Call 402 519 -0301 for more info.

TPA Homeschool Conference
Apr 13 2018
Where: Wichita KS

Call for details 402 519 0301

Lincoln Homeschool Conference
Apr 27 2018
Where: Lincoln NE

Call 402 519 0301 for information or google NICHE to register.

Iowa Homeschool Conference
May 31 2018
Where: Coralville, IA

Call 402 519 0301 for information or google the Iowa homeschool conference to register.

Museum Open, Hastings NE
Jun 10 2018
Where: Hastings NE

Open for the Collision even at Chautauqua park all afternoon.

Colorado Homeschool Conference
Jun 14 2018
Where: Denver, CO

Call 402 519 0301 for information or google CHEC to register. I will be speaking 5 times.

Museum Open Stromsburg, NE
Jun 16 2018
Where: Stromsburg, NE

Call 402 764 5307

Museum Open Lingle Wyoming
Jun 28 2018
Where: Lingle, WY

Will be speaking as well as having the museum open. Call 402 519 0301 for information.